STED add-on

Now available

MicroTime 200 STED

An easySTED super-resolution add-on for the MicroTime 200 FLIM & FCS platform*


MicroTime 200 STED

A time-resolved confocal fluorescence microscope with super-resolution capability

The MicroTime 200 from PicoQuant is established as a powerful and versatile FLIM and FCS platform that enables the user to perform a wide range of measurements down to the single molecule level. The capabilities of this outstanding instrument are now extended by a super-resolution add-on based on the EasySTED principle. The new STED add-on offers spatial resolution below 50 nm, which is several times lower than the diffraction limit. Apart from imaging, where the increased resolution allows the distinction of smaller structures, the STED system can also be used in fluorescence correlation spectroscopy (FCS), which promises more accurate and versatile 2D FCS measurements.

Short presentation of the MicroTime 200 STED